The hook of time draws the season
From ocean of Ceaseless circle
Yet another trial Bringing reasons
Damp soil smells like seasoning
My heart seeks the rain falling
Memories of love and snow falling
Season is a  gentle knock reminding
Us time is a  stranger passing
That tarries not even with a just man
Season is a friend returning
With memories of sunshine
Wrapped in the folds of rays
Cool breeze brings those old
Secret of first kiss and nudge
Our heart into lonely lost.

In Lockdown

To them who’s father’s are dust
To them who’s mothers are soil
To them who gave sons to root
To them who’s daughters  sleeps
Under stones
And those rings now buried in dirt
I say to you:
Count us all that still walk kins
For we struggled in walking,
For those soil clinging to our
fingers are heavier than iron
we struggled in waking
We eat and drink, this
soils clings.
To those who’s Kin’s are in isolation
Making daily, smoking hecatomb.
We are twain for my heart too
Isolate In frightening womb,
Be brave.
To those centaurs without sword nor
Heroes who’s cloaks are flimsy
To the undying locust
How long will your urgly
      Belly swallow?
To those who say
Earth load was heavy,
Now do you see the ocean
smiling ?
Or the grasses laughing?
I say to you we are Ulysses.




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Iightening held Still on clouded night

Are the scars I bear Upon my heart still.

At day break they dries, As the sun rises

What kinda scars are mine

That’s only visible in darkness



The pain of my ancestors
Became a mask of horror
I felt their pain in mirrors
A clamour of feet in terror
I am black, wasn’t an error
gods are fair even in error
Mask baked from million
tears. Nerves fibres tremor
“Who’s come for the mask”
“Who dares the ancestor”?
It is I a black warrior
Heir of the fearless lion.


Kissed by rain drops
In a moment of coitus
Sweet benediction
Is lovely your kiss
Falling on my lips
Rain will wash this sin
Or bear witness to this
Let the rain soak us
For the fire to come
My priest and my

If am a god

I will be dark.. Yes dark like rubies
For unstained I shall be
Not too dark, just black-like
So in light I can stand tall sight
May be a little chocolate not light
So I can shine in the sun no blight
So I can drip oceans of melanin.

©Owolusi. L

Black lives matter

Chased in fright
Men chained by guilt
Caged In conscience
I saw them split
Each men holding pieces
Of why and why the guilt

You choked him
I poked him
I watch you both
Killed him
Who killed him?
The three men spit
We killed him their
Conscience pricks

©Owolusi. L.O


My burdens
Bothers my donkey
It borders Insanity
Like dexterity it
Plague my mind
Till maturity
Seem a curse

Like calamity
Is  indebted
To my sanity
But hope is gentle
A dove that stays
Amidst even gentiles
Even in August and july
When storms are agile.

©Owolusi. L. O

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