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As day circle in endless  sailing, and
Darkness embrace soul of earthlings,
Engulfing lone souls in lonely scorch,
Shining is a light in darkened cloud
Alighting cold night bringing hope
You flower with petals of diamonds ,
Over darkness, your beauty is heals.




Hands of time do serve plates of pain
Opposing reasons like battering ram
Please not the tempter my brother
End not your light my sister

Have patience if wind of pain
Overflows like flood, forsaken like
Plagued ones you walk alone on path,
Envisioning grave as a resting place

Hope calls like a lover in your soul
Open your ear, hear the birds sing it
Please believe you’re part of a whole
Entreat me in your disaster, hope, o you must.

©Owolusi Lucky



Do and don’t
War and peace
Love and hate
Its all to me a tale of sands
So I left sands to sand bender’s

toiling in sandstorms.
I seek to master time with immortal words and deeds.
In this realm there is no storms in aery land no sand shall abide.



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Iightening held Still on clouded night

Are the scars I bear Upon my heart still.

At day break they dries, As the sun rises

What kinda scars are mine

That’s only visible in darkness



Kissed by rain drops
In a moment of coitus
Sweet benediction
Is lovely your kiss
Falling on my lips
Rain will wash this sin
Or bear witness to this
Let the rain soak us
For the fire to come
My priest and my

Black lives matter

Chased in fright
Men chained by guilt
Caged In conscience
I saw them split
Each men holding pieces
Of why and why the guilt

You choked him
I poked him
I watch you both
Killed him
Who killed him?
The three men spit
We killed him their
Conscience pricks

©Owolusi. L.O


My burdens
Bothers my donkey
It borders Insanity
Like dexterity it
Plague my mind
Till maturity
Seem a curse

Like calamity
Is  indebted
To my sanity
But hope is gentle
A dove that stays
Amidst even gentiles
Even in August and july
When storms are agile.

©Owolusi. L. O


Here I am stabbed, casted aboard
come immortal soul voyager
Bring me aboard thy cursed ship
Fend me off this dark abyss
Let me forever sail with
the immortal sailors
Among brotherhood of no betrayal
Till I avenged lemme sail forever
In thy vessels that bears revengeful
souls forever in debt of revenge.

©Owolusi L. O

God’s spell

I am the son of the soil
Black and unspoiled
I look the gods in the eye
Feel beasts in my eyes
On grassy plain feed
I walked the sunrise
Till the moon rise
I was born dark
Yes dark sand like
The rain meets me
On my feet
as I laugh at thunders
Here I am I screamed!!
I am the spell cast by God

©Owolusi L. O

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